Making Math FUN in 7 ways

Math is usually not everyone’s favorite subject, but I thought if people could see how fun math can be I could change some minds!

  1. Who doesn’t love a great math game website?? This one covers all the basics and works for all ages! Cool Math
  2. Math Playground  is another great website that breaks games down by grade level for students to play.
  3. Using games we already love such as connect 4 and putting a math twist usually works.  Kids know the rules already and they can practice math skills! Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 1.43.13 PM
  4. WAR is classic card game that can be used in math class if you have some time to kill.  Instead of playing traditionally with the highest card winning, change the rules and have the students flip two cards each time and multiply the values. This allows students to practice multiplication skills while playing a game of cards!
  5. Kahoot! is a great game website to use in the classroom especially when it comes to math.  The students are able to answer questions while earning points in hopes to be the winner.  This is engaging because all students answer the questions while making it a bit competitive.  Teachers also can see a report of all of the questions answered correctly/incorrectly per student.
  6. Math Game Time not only has games broken down by grade level, but also has videos and worksheets to practice math skills.
  7. I came across Rachel’s blog on Pinterest and use her dice games in class whenever I have 5-10 minutes to kill!

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