Playing with Blackout Poetry

Playing Games for an assignment was definitely not something I expected in Grad school, but I did it with a smile 🙂

I decided to try some Blackout Poetry.  I have heard of it a few times before and it always seemed quite interesting.  English teachers that I work with have their students try it in class and it always seems to be a hit.  I used a page from a love story and blacked out the lovey context and searched for a bit deeper of a meaning.  While I was blacking out words and sentences it felt like I was truly making something completely new and all my own.  Writing a poem from scratch can be intimidating as you stare at a blank page, using someone else’s words and changing them to make your own was was less daunting.

I must say, seeing the words disappear under the black marker was thrilling.  I never think of myself as a very creative person, but today  I was 🙂 Enjoy!

image1 (1)


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