Six Small Move Finds

For my 6 finds this week, I found articles or blogs that relate to small moves that I hope to make in my classroom as an educator.  I used The Current, Teaching Channel and Edutopia to find the inspiration.

1). Video Game Design – This lesson plan allows students to create their own Video Games, expressing their creativity.  This idea goes along with my small move of incorporating more project based projects into my classroom.  I like the idea of having students express their creativity to demonstrate their understanding in a fun way.

2) 3-2-1 Blastoff – I found this blog where the teacher allowed the students to work with him to create a math game.  He asked them for their input to improve the game. He really gave students a lot of the responsibility and I think that helps the students to become more invested in the game.

3). Student-to-Student Assessment – This video shows how students work together and have to talk about their homework assignment.  I really like giving students more opportunities to express ideas and ask questions from their peers rather than just from me. I definitely want to incorporate more of this in my classroom.

4). Step Back: Promoting Independent Thinking – One of my biggest struggles is that my students want answers instantly without having to do much thinking on their own.  This teacher shows how to let the students draw their own conclusions from simply scaffolding the discussion.  They have to work with partners to develop their understanding and the teacher is more of a facilitator.  I know this won’t work in every lesson, but I think I could find some that it could work for.

5). Introvert-Friendly Cooperative Learning – Group work in any classroom can lead to stress for some students.  Often times the workload does not get evenly distributed which can cause anxiety among some group members.  This article provides ways to lessen the stress and even out the workload in the classroom.

6). 7 Strategies to Make Grading Easier – My least favorite part of my job is grading tests/quizzes/projects.  I wish I could teach without grading, but I know it is part of my job and how I see what they students learn.  This article provides tips and tricks to make grading less of a burden.  I definitely need to remember to look back at this article next time I have tests to grade.

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