Equity in Education

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The above photo is a copy of my latest class post relating to Equity in the classroom.  When I read my own post as well as the posts from my classmates regarding equity, I find myself getting very concerned for the students I teach.  I teach in a very good school district that fortunately has plenty of technology such as laptops, iPads, 3-D printers and scanners and much more for the students to use on a daily basis.  However, I live in a school district that is not as well off.  I have friends who went through the same district that I live in and turned off with great careers that came as a result of their education.  Those people clearly did not let the lack of technology or rank of the school affect their learning and what they chose to do with the knowledge they learned in school.  But what happens to those students who are not as driven as some of the others?

In classrooms that do not have the technology to use, teachers are still coming up with new and innovative ways to teach students.  They use resources that some would never think of using.  I find those teachers to be the most inspiring to their students as they set a great example for them.  There are always ways to introduce topics to students that are not a typical lecture style lesson.  As a teacher, I know I do not use nearly as many resources that I have available to me as I should.  This is doing a disservice to my students.  So what makes that any different from the students without technology in the classrooms? All of these ideas have come to me throughout this course.

Instead of looking at all of the differences in classrooms across the country, we should be trying to find ways to make them the same.  Offer students the same type of resources regardless of what technology is available.  Create curriculums that allow all students to learn even if that means creating unique learning plans for each student to ensure they all can learn in a way that makes the most sense for them.  We as teachers can only do so much with the tools that we are given.  But we cannot say we are doing everything we can until we actually are all doing that.  The students deserve an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.




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