Shared Purpose Finds

This week I found inspiration in some of the posts of my fellow classmates from their blogs regarding equity.  I also looked at some of the class readings and felt the following finds were worth sharing.

1). Prince EA video – Education today tried to fit all students into one specific mold and assumes that all students learn the same way.  This could not be further from the truth.  Each student is unique and how they learn is just as unique.  As educators we should be striving to create individualized learning plans for all students.

2). Ensuring Educational Equity for All Students video – This video brings up state assessments and how students are forced to take standardized tests to show what they learn in school.  It shows how students’ struggle with certain topics and a standardized test cannot accurately show that.

3) Design Thinking for Educators – This site helps teachers deign meaningful solutions and ways to teach for their particular school and community.  It has examples for teachers to view to gain inspiration that they can use to create their own design thinking challenges for their students.

4). KQED Education – Above the Noise – This lesson plan incorporates the above the noise YouTube series that discusses current issued being talked about by middle and high school students.  The lesson plan then has students do research and call to action.  Using the issues that are current for students definitely is more engaging and will increase student participation in the classroom.

5). DML Central – 10 Connected Learning Lesson Plans from the Remake Network really struck me as resembling everything that we have discussed in my grad class this semester.  One teacher from Pittsburg shares ten lesson plans that promote connected learning.  Sharing resources for other teachers to use or remix as they call it is what makes connected learning so special.  Teachers want to help other teachers in any way possible and that is truly amazing.



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